About Me

I am a passionate software developer. After I completed my bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Applications, I worked in a multinational company and an Indian company for more than 11 years as a software engineer. I have worked with several programming languages and have mastered a good portion of them. I am equipped with the knowledge on requirement gathering, analysis, design & development (both frontend and backend) to production support & incident management, basically every stage of a software development life cycle. After which I took a plunge into the Software consultation by starting a new venture Sanvitech Solutions in March 2021.

At Sanvitech Solutions, I work with dedication on each and every project. In each and every project, I bring all my knowledge and experience into play and learn enthusiastically from new challenges. I enjoy learning about new businesses and providing them with the software solutions that are best suited for their requirements.

About the company

Sanvitech Solutions aims at providing software consultation services to Start-ups and Businesses waiting to explore and grow with the power of technology and internet. We suggest optimal solutions to our clients based on their requirement, budget and priority. We equip our clients with the required technical literacy that will help them handle their basic daily operations independently.

Why Sanvitech solutions?

We work hand in hand with our clients and help them in unleashing the power of technology to enhance their business and broaden their horizons.